Album 0440: Less Than Jake – Pezcore


Release Date: 1995
Genre: Ska/Punk


1. Liquor Store (02:44)
2. My Very Own Flag (02:47)
3. Johnny Quest Thinks We’re Sellouts (02:57)
4. Big (03:06)
5. Shotgun (02:57)
6. Black Coffee (02:26)
7. Throw The Brick (02:11)
8. Growing Up On A Couch (02:32)
9. Blindsided (02:54)
10. Downbeat (02:12)
11. Jen Doesn’t Like Me Anymore (02:57)
12. Out Of The Crowd (02:32)
13. Robo (01:36)
14. Where In The Hell Is Mike Sinkovich? (02:13)
15. Process (02:42)
16. Three Quarts Drunk (02:08)
17. Boomtown (02:45)
18. Short On Ideas (01:48)
19. One Last Cigarette/Laverne & Shirley (04:37)

Total Length: 50:02

Liquor Store is one of the band’s most classic songs, and a fantastic start to the album. It’s super catchy and gets stuck in your head. My Very Own Flag is also a great little piece, with an emotional element attached and even an ‘arena rock’ segment. Johnny Quest Thinks We’re Sellouts is one of the highlights of the album as well, it’s incredibly memorable and has a ridiculously good intro. I love this song.

Big is decent, but noticeably less interesting and even the band themselves don’t seem as invested. It is one of their earliest songs though, so I can forgive some issues with it in that sense. Shotgun doesn’t really stand out too much, except for the bridge which is this deal with the horns that they never really revisited, ever. It reminds me of early RxB oddly. Black Coffee doesn’t have any real redeeming qualities though.

Throw The Brick was apparently written in the studio, which is amazing since the whole album was recorded in 19 hours. It’s a fun, simple song that I’ve always been fond of. Growing Up On A Couch is a neat song, but the second track does almost everything it does even better. Blindsided is fairly fun, it’s oddly a bit too long which usually isn’t an issue on this album. Downbeat is almost good, but the rhythms are kind of ‘off’ for me.

Jen Doesn’t Like Me Anymore is another really classic track from the band, it gets stuck in your head easily, and it and track three were redone on the band’s next album. Out Of The Crowd has some fun moments in it. Robo isn’t very good, sadly, because it’s at least got a cool title. Where In The Hell Is Mike Sinkovich? is great, I’ve always liked this one. Process is decent, it doesn’t really stand out.

Three Quarts Drunk bores be until the last 20 seconds or so when things pick up and then the song’s over. Boomtown is great, another simple song I love. Short On Ideas isn’t my favorite, but I like that it doesn’t really end, it just leads directly into One Last Cigarette, which is a pretty good ending track. There’s a hidden track of the band playing the theme from Laverne & Shirley which is kind of funny. This is a solid starting album for the band, even if there are a few duds.

Final Rating: 7.5/10


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