Album 0443: Richard Gibbs – Battlestar Galactica Miniseries Original Soundtrack


Release Date: 2004
Genre: Soundtrack


1. Are You Alive?/Battlestar Galactica Main Title (05:33)
2. Goodbye, Baby (02:30)
3. Starbuck Buck Buck (01:55)
4. To Kiss Or Not To Kiss (02:47)
5. Six Sex (01:54)
6. Deep Sixed (02:03)
7. The Day Comes (01:12)
8. Counterattack (02:46)
9. Cylons Fire (01:41)
10. A Call To Arms (01:07)
11. Apollo To The Rescue (02:01)
12. Launch Vipers (04:32)
13. Seal The Bulkheads (02:16)
14. The Lottery Ticket (03:11)
15. Eighty-Five Dead (01:36)
16. Inbound (01:29)
17. Apollo Is Gone/Starbuck Returns (02:23)
18. The Storm And The Dead (02:47)
19. Thousands Left Behind (02:15)
20. Silica Pathways (03:36)
21. Reunited (02:00)
22. The Sense Of Six (03:08)
23. Starbuck’s Recon (01:14)
24. Battle (07:46)
25. Good Night (02:43)
26. By Your Command (01:59)

Total Length: 01:08:24

Are You Alive? basically serves as the basis for the main theme of the whole series, it’s pretty evocative. Battlestar Galactica Main Title lays a lot of those seeds as well, it’s got a great host of good melodies and emotions. Goodbye, Baby carries on some of the themes, and is pretty great. Starbuck Buck Buck is annoying, and a perfect example of why I didn’t like her character at first. This is like a discarded Sphongle track.

To Kiss Or Not To Kiss has some of those same bits, but uses them to much greater effect. Six Sex isn’t much on its own. Deep Sixed isn’t either, but it is definitely creepy. The Day Comes doesn’t work on its own. Counterattack is cool. Cylons Fire is kind of freaky at points. A Call To Arms and Apollo To The Rescue just kind of go by unceremoniously. Launch Vipers has some somewhat neat bits in it.

Seal The Bulkheads is fine. The Lottery Ticket is depressing, but it’s meant to be that way. Eighty-Five Dead is sad as well. Inbound is forgettable. Apollo Is Gone/Starbuck Returns is great, I love that bell type sound. The Storm And The Dead is alright. Thousands Left Behind sounds kind of generic, but good. Silica Pathways is okay. Reunited is fairly nice.

The Sense Of Six goes back to that main bell rhythm, and it’s got a great buildup. Battle is kind of long and boring, but it works. Good Night is great, I love that melody. By Your Command brings everything full circle in a fairly good way. I tend to prefer some of the melodies and themes from the full series, but a lot of that was built on the ground work here. This is solid, and works well in context, and Richard Gibbs was a member of Boingo so he at least gets some points from that.

Final Rating: 5/10


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