Album 0444: Dream Theater – Images And Words


Release Date: 1992
Genre: Progressive Metal


1. Pull Me Under (08:14)
2. Another Day (04:23)
3. Take The Time (08:21)
4. Surrounded (05:30)
5. Metropolis Part I: The Miracle And The Sleeper (09:32)
6. Under A Glass Moon (07:03)
7. Wait For Sleep (02:32)
8. Learning To Live (11:30)

Total Length: 57:06

Pull Me Under is a quintessential Dream Theater song. It’s got some heaviness to it, it’s clearly progressive, and hits the right melodic notes to strike heavy chords in a person. Each instrument stands out and is fantastic to listen to, and the lyrics are fairly poetic. The song flows insanely well, and never feels boring at any point. Another Day is a fairly decent ballad, I still can’t really get into it even to this day though. The cheesy as hell sax solo and late 80s style production just kill it.

Take The Time is pretty great for most of its run, it gets into some weird bits and is definitely one of the more progressive songs on the album. I never really think of it first when thinking of songs from the album, but it is definitely solid. Surrounded starts off as a simple ballad, but quickly becomes much more. It took me a while to come around on the song, but I find it a joy to listen to these days.

Metropolis Part I: The Miracle And The Sleeper is definitely the most ‘out there’ song on the album, where the band goes full tilt into whatever they feel like doing at any moment, especially in the big instrumental section, featuring a great bass solo. Under A Glass Moon is fantastic as well. I love that all the songs on here have their own edge and textures do them, it really helps someone new to the album separate them, but they are also still clearly from the same album.

Wait For Sleep is a brief but nice, quiet song. Powered just by piano, strings, and James LaBrie’s voice, it’s a beautiful little track. It also serves as an intro to the final track. Learning To Live is a hell of a song as well, big and covers a lot of ground. It’s not my favorite on here, but I can’t deny it being a great track. This album is just super, super solid. I have some minor issues with it, but that’s all they are.

Final Rating: 9.5/10


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