Album 0448: Atheist – Jupiter


Release Date: 2010
Genre: Technical Death Metal


1. Second To Sun (04:02)
2. Fictitious Glide (04:51)
3. Fraudulent Cloth (03:22)
4. Live And Live Again (03:37)
5. Faux King Christ (04:00)
6. Tortoise The Titan (03:38)
7. When The Beast (04:55)
8. Third Person (04:08)

Total Length: 32:32

Second To Sun has some cool vocal moments and riffs, but it never gels together for me into a cohesive whole. The song just kind of goes and then ends, or at least that’s how my brain interprets it. Fictitious Glide is much the same, honestly. It’s even less interesting than the first track to be honest. Fraudulent Cloth is a little better but still unimaginative. For me, the album actually starts on the next track.

Live And Live Again is by far the best song on here. It explores some things the band hadn’t explored before, and the riffs and rhythms are fantastic. The guitars in the chorus especially stick with me, and the vocals only cement it. Faux King Christ is a decent song once you get past the childish pun. It holds up fairly well. Tortoise The Titan really does nothing for me, it’s just bland and ‘there.’

When The Beast has more interesting bits to it, mostly with the guitars. If they explored stuff like this and track four more, I would have greatly enjoyed this album. Third Person has a few memorable moments to it, but I don’t love it. This band isn’t my favorite, and while some of their stuff is great I also can’t say that I put a lot of pressure on this first album in nearly two decades. I tried to listen to it on its own, but even then it doesn’t really get there.

Final Rating: 6/10

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