Album 0449: Yes – Close To The Edge


Release Date: 1972
Genre: Progressive Rock


1. Close To The Edge

    I. The Solid Time Of Change
    II. Total Mass Retain
    III. I Get Up, I Get Down
    IV. Seasons Of Man (18:43)

2. And You And I
    I. Cord Of Life
    II. Eclipse
    III. The Preacher, The Teacher
    IV. Apocalypse (10:09)

3. Siberian Khatru (09:01)
4. America (single edit) (04:13)
5. Total Mass Retain (03:21)
6. And You And I
    I. Cord Of Life
    II. Eclipse
    III. The Preacher, The Teacher
    IV. Apocalypse (alternative version) (10:18)

7. Siberia (studio run through) (09:20)

Total Length: 01:05:04

Close To The Edge is an epic song that begins and takes up a huge chunk of the album. The Solid Time Of Change begins this piece with some craziness, as all the instruments kind of go off and do their own thing until it all comes back down to earth. It brings us into the main theme of the track, and I quite like it. Total Mass Retain is a fun section of the track, and I’ll speak more on it later. I Get Up, I Get Down is probably the coolest and most progressive section. The song slows way down, and we get some neat atmosphere building. Things really come to a head when a huge church organ comes in. It sounds cacophonous at first, but the melody comes through and it’s quite gorgeous. Seasons Of Man ends this whole track well, and it makes for a great, epic song.

And You And I is by far my favorite song on here though. After a little bit of musing, Cord Of Life begins this track with a buildup to a fantastic melody. The section ends with the main phrase coming out, and it gets stuck in my head so easily. Eclipse is kind of out there, but it’s still fantastic. The Preacher, The Teacher continues being great, and has so many bits that stick with me. Apocalypse ends things well, and it makes for a song I won’t get tired of listening to for a very long time.

Siberian Khatru is kind of a jam song, though it’s highly structured. I haven’t fallen in love with it, at least in comparison to the reverence the song gets. It’s kind of a nuts song with a ton of cool stuff in it, but it hasn’t really gripped me. Doesn’t stop me from appreciating it. America is a cover that they did elsewhere, and this is actually the edited down version. The original was over ten minutes long, so this one I think loses a lot and until I found that out I couldn’t figure out why they would make the song like this.

Total Mass Retain is the section from the opening track edited and put out as a single, though rearranged a bit to have a new intro and uses some other bits from the rest of the track. It actually kind of holds up well on its own, though it’s for sure not my preferred way to listen to it. The alternative version of And You And I has a fair amount of differences, it’s kind of rougher and the keyboards are different. It’s not as polished as the final version, but the magic of the song is still there, frankly. Siberia is a run-through of the similarly titled song in the studio. It’s as rough as the track before it, but again still has all of the great qualities of the final version. I like this album more each time I hear it, more specifically referring to the main three tracks. It kind of breezes by and is a joy to listen to.

Final Rating: 8.5/10


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