Album 0450: Iron Maiden – Piece Of Mind


Release Date: 1983
Genre: Heavy Metal


1. Where Eagles Dare (06:13)
2. Revelations (06:49)
3. Flight Of Icarus (03:50)
4. Die With Your Boots On (05:26)
5. The Trooper (04:12)
6. Still Life (04:56)
7. Quest For Fire (03:42)
8. Sun And Steel (03:27)
9. To Tame A Land (07:26)
10. I’ve Got The Fire (02:39)
11. Cross-Eyed Mary (03:54)

Total Length: 52:34

Where Eagles Dare is a tremendous start to the album, with some awesome riffs and rhythms. I can’t imagine hearing this when it first came out. Fantastic track. Revelations takes things at a slower pace, and has a lot of fantastic bits in it. I really like the section with the acoustic guitars, for instance. Flight Of Icarus has an amazing chorus that pushes the whole song along, because the verses surely don’t. Very solid track though.

Die With Your Boots On is a classic song, but in all honesty, it’s just cheesy and makes me laugh. I think there’s a fine song in here, but when those backing vocals come in during the chorus it just ruins everything the song was trying up to that point. The Trooper is amazing though, it’s one of the songs that best represents the band. It’s fun, upbeat, and catchy, while still providing a good range between melody and instrumental fire. Still Life starts with a strange backwards vocal deal, but the song has some elements/hints of the band adding more progressive elements to their songs. Very cool track.

Quest For Fire kind of does nothing for me. It’s a fine song, but it doesn’t really hold up compared to some of the others on here. Sun And Steel has some neat rhythms but is otherwise entirely forgettable. To Tame A Land is another track where they seem to be flexing some prog muscles, and while it’s not my favorite on here it’s still a hell of a song. It also ends the standard album on a good note.

I’ve Got The Fire was originally by Montrose, and under the title I Got The Fire. The song is decent but feels really lackluster on its own and as something the band would perform. Probably just because it’s a product of another time. Cross-Eyed Mary is a Jethro Tull track, and well more suited for the band. They put their own touch on it really well and it’s a lot of fun. The whole album is still odd to get into, just due to not being that into the band as well as odd little tics like the chorus in track four. Otherwise, it’s kind of a joyous metal album, which might sound odd to some.

Final Rating: 8/10


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