Album 0451: Therion – Sitra Ahra

Therion - Sitra Ahra

Release Date: 2010
Genre: Progressive/Symphonic Metal


1. Introduction/Sitra Ahra (05:25)
2. Kings Of Edom (08:52)
3. Unguentum Sabbati (05:10)
4. Land Of Canaan (10:33)
5. Hellequin (05:18)
6. 2012: Return Of The Feathered Serpent (04:16)
7. Cú Chulainn (04:16)
8. Kali Yuga Part III: Autumn Of The Aeons (03:41)
9. The Shells Are Open (03:45)
10. Din (02:38)
11. Children Of The Stone: After The Inquisition (07:22)

Total Length: 01:01:16

The point where the Introduction turns into Sitra Ahra is somewhat unclear to me, unless the former is just really short. Either way, this is a very solid opening track that covers a lot of ground and forges a new direction for the band while still having the classic elements I enjoy from them. Kings Of Edom is fantastic as well, I just love everything about it. The band has really taken on a kind of avant-garde styling on this album. Not in the actual way the term means, just in how quickly things change in a single song and how variety abounds.

Unguentum Sabbati continues the trend of great tracks, it has a great pace and the vocals get stuck in my head, as well as that kind of dark riff the orchestra does. Land Of Canaan is amazing, and it goes through so much in its longer length. The part that kind of dropped my jaw the first time was oddly the harmonica bit. It’s just an instrument I would never have expected to be on a Therion album. Hellequin has some more suprises, like a huge variety of vocals and the band’s first use of somewhat odder black metal vocals. Great track all in all.

2012: Return Of The Feathered Serpent has some neat moments, but is the first track on here to fall short a bit. That’s not saying much bad about it, just that it doesn’t get on par with what came before it. Cú Chulainn kind of focuses on one hook and not much else, but that hook is pretty great. Kali Yuga Part III: Autumn Of The Aeons is not as big of a track as I would have expected, considering the songs that it is a sequel to, but I like it. The Shells Are Open is slower, and kind of provides a nice atmosphere.

Din continues on from the previous track, they are kind of two halves of a whole. This song is the opposite, it’s fast and aggressive, with some harsh vocals to compliment it. Children Of The Stone: After The Inquisition is ridiculously fantastic, I really can’t say enough good words about it. It just oozes something that makes me feel good, and the atmosphere is incredible. It’s something I wouldn’t have thought the band was capable of before I heard it. This album was kind of a shock at first, and took some getting used to, but man do I love it nowadays.

Final Rating: 8.5/10


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