Album 0452: 3 – The End Is Begun


Release Date: 2007
Genre: Progressive Rock


1. The World Is Born Of Flame (03:25)
2. The End Is Begun (03:42)
3. Battle Cry (04:03)
4. All That Remains (03:54)
5. My Divided Falling (03:51)
6. Serpents In Disguise (03:25)
7. Been To The Future (04:21)
8. Bleeding Me Home (03:47)
9. Live Entertainment (03:28)
10. Diamond In The Crush (03:41)
11. Shadow Play (04:07)
12. These Iron Bones (04:10)
13. The Last Day (07:53)
14. See Emily Play (03:20)

Total Length: 57:07

The World Is Born Of Flame is pretty fantastic as both an opening track and its own song. It has some beautiful guitar work and some fairly epic melodies to it. It also leads very well into The End Is Begun which is almost even more epic, though it presents some issues that remain constant throughout the album. I feel that the vocals at certain times can be too high pitched, and this comes up again for sure. For this song in particular, I feel that the flamenco guitar bits certainly sound good, but the electric guitar could come in more.

Battle Cry is exactly the type of everything I strongly dislike. I hate that kind of guitar work, and the overall tone and feel of the track, it’s exactly the same feeling that turns me off of Karnivool. There are some decent ideas here, but for some reason it kind of makes my stomach churn. All That Remains still has a bit of that tone, but at least there are some parts in here I do like, such as the neo-classical section and the lyrics. My Divided Falling is fairly solid, it doesn’t turn me off quite as much, thankfully. There’s also a great heavier section with some nearly-harsh vocals and it’s very cool.

Serpents In Disguise isn’t as tasteful, and it has some failings, but it definitely has a catchy chorus that sticks with you. Been To The Future is a softer song, I suppose. It’s really entirely forgettable. Bleeding Me Home has a terrible intro, and never really redeems itself. Live Entertainment is quite boring, and I don’t understand it. Diamond In The Crush continues on that trend of being boring, it offers nothing and even though it focuses on the electric guitars, the riffs are boring.

Now, if this band did more songs like Shadow Play then I would listen to them a hell of a lot more. There is a folk element with some almost-creepy lyrics, and the heavy bits work well in conjunction with the rest of the song. These Iron Bones is really cool simply for the little bit that comes during the chorus that sounds like a playground chant. The Last Day is a longer song and works really well. These guys have some progressive elements and I wish they would let loose with them more often. See Emily Play is a cover of the really weird Pink Floyd classic. They don’t really nail the rhythm for me, but the texture is there. This whole album tries to get me to like it, but it’s hard to. I just really don’t like some of the decisions on it.

Final Rating: 6/10


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