Album 0455: Skyclad – Oui Avant-Garde Á Chance

Skyclad - Oui Avant-Garde A Chance

Release Date: 1996
Genre: Folk Metal/Rock


1. If I Die Laughing, It’ll Be An Act Of God (03:48)
2. Great Blow For A Day Job (04:20)
3. Constance Eternal (05:53)
4. Postcard From Planet Earth (05:11)
5. Jumping My Shadow (05:28)
6. Bombjour! (04:04)
7. History Lessens (The Final Examination) (04:20)
8. A Badtime Story (05:35)
9. Come On Eileen (03:56)
10. Master Race (04:08)
11. Bombed Out (Instru-Mental) (04:07)
12. Penny Dreadful (Full Shilling Mix) (03:11)

Total Length: 54:01

If I Die Laughing, It’ll Be An Act Of God is a high spirited, fast paced song that hits you strongly at the beginning of this album. The folk elements are obvious, as well as the hometown influences that are present. Great Blow For A Day Job has even more of a folk element, and is akin to a folk punk tune like Flogging Molly in terms of tone and lyrics. This band can get a little bit harder, though. Constance Eternal is a bit of a softer song, but it doesn’t really gel for me and goes on too long.

Postcard From Planet Earth is just overdone. I get it, but they don’t need to beat me over the head with it, and there is just too much annoyance here. The song just feels embarrassing now. Jumping My Shadow just keeps on with the softer tracks, and while it’s pleasant to listen to, it doesn’t feel quite right. I just don’t really like its placement here. Bombjour! tries to be more upbeat and fun, but it doesn’t connect with me. Maybe it’s just because I’m an American, who knows.

History Lessens (The Final Examination) is a little better and more interesting, but once again the lyrics are super on-the-nose and feels so simple and silly. A Badtime Story is thankfully a bit heavier, and has probably the best chorus on here. The song still goes on too long, and I feel like I could love this song a lot more if some things were different. Come On Eileen is a cover of the classic track, but it really, really does not fit this band. It’s also so British that is almost hurts, in a weird way.

Master Race is also a cover, and also really out there in front with its message. It really gets in the way, and makes me not want to listen to the song. Bombed Out (Instru-Mental) is as the title says, an instrumental and it’s a very fun one. Penny Dreadful is the best song on here to be honest. I first heard the cover of it, but it is brilliant and and I just love everything about it. If the album was more like this and the first two tracks, it would be a classic for me. Instead it’s just disappointing.

Final Rating: 6/10


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