Album 0457: Ensiferum – Victory Songs


Release Date: 2007
Genre: Folk Metal


1. Ad Victoriam (03:11)
2. Blood Is The Price Of Glory (05:17)
3. Deathbringer From The Sky (05:11)
4. Ahti (03:56)
5. One More Magic Potion (05:21)
6. Wanderer (06:33)
7. Raised By The Sword (06:11)
8. The New Dawn (03:42)
9. Victory Song (10:38)
10. Lady In Black (04:34)

Total Length: 54:34

Ad Victoriam is kind of standard as far as intro tracks for albums like this go, but it’s a solid one. It’s kind of down-key, like it’s trying to stay back and not be in your face, which is a good change of pace. Blood Is The Price Of Glory is a solid track, but I feel like it goes on too long and tries to do too much. The meat of the song is lost in all the fluff, there’s no single bit that I can hang on to when trying to think of it later.

Deathbringer From The Sky is much better in that regard, the opening sticks with you and the chorus is catchy as hell. This song is really the start of the album for me. Ahti has more in common with Finntroll or Korpiklaani than the Ensiferum of old, but I’m not really complaining. I love hearing interesting arrangements and instruments like in here, and the vocals work very, very well. One More Magic Potion is a lot of fun as well. It kind of loses itself at times, but I’m enjoying myself the whole time so all is well.

Wanderer has a great intro and the song builds very well. I admit the album turned me off at first. The lack of Jari and feeling the need to compare brought it down, but on its own it’s quite well done. Raised By The Sword is also pretty great, though I don’t think most of these songs need to be 6 minutes. The New Dawn is a fine song, but by this point in the album it feels kind of unnecessary.

Victory Song has a fairly long intro that honestly feels kind of useless. There are some cool riffs and bits in it, and the chorus is nice. Not one of the best ‘longer’ tracks I’ve heard, but done well enough. Lady In Black is a Uriah Heep cover, and surprisingly it fits their style pretty well. It seems like a simple song and they kind of overdo it, but it’s not bad at all. Kind of sums up this album: enjoyable to listen to but doesn’t beg me to play it again right after it’s done.

Final Rating: 7.5/10


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