Album 0463: Sepultura – Arise

Sepultura - Arise

Release Date: 1991
Genre: Thrash Metal


1. Arise (03:20)
2. Dead Embryonic Cells (04:54)
3. Desperate Cry (06:41)
4. Murder (03:29)
5. Subtraction (04:48)
6. Altered State (06:35)
7. Under Siege (04:54)
8. Meaningless Movements (04:42)
9. Infected Voice (03:20)
10. Orgasmatron (04:14)
11. Intro (01:33)
12. C.I.U. (Criminals In Uniform) (04:17)
13. Desperate Cry (06:43) (Scott Burns mix)

Total Length: 59:30

After a short intro to pacify us, Arise comes screaming through with some really good riffs and an overall charged feeling. The only thing I mind is that these types of squealy guitar solos don’t really appeal to me. Dead Embryonic Cells has a slower intro and remains solid, but doesn’t leave near as much of an impression as the first track does. Desperate Cry has the same issue. I’m just not that into it. Everything sounds like it has some heart put into it, but not enough. There’s no emotion here that I can connect to.

Murder is a bit better in that regard, but still I find myself just not digging what these guys are doing. Subtraction has some fine riffs to it at least. Altered State changes things up with an almost tribal-like intro, followed by some of the best riffs so far. The song goes on a bit too long for my taste though. Under Siege changes the pace back and forth and works pretty well with that set up. Solid track.

Meaningless Movements actually has a pretty good guitar solo and is about the only thing that sticks out. Infected Voice is standard fare. Good riffs, but nothing behind that. Orgasmatron is a Motörhead cover and while I enjoy it, I can admit that it is one-note. Intro was a track not originally on the release, and they seem to have taken and expanded it into a previous track, which is why they cut it out I guess.

C.I.U. (Criminals In Uniform) is also a newer track and it really does nothing for me. I say that with even more gumption than the other times I said it. Desperate Cry is an alternate mix, and while it’s noticeably different, I can’t say for sure that it’s better. The song itself is no different and that’s what stands out here, a different sound doesn’t change or fix that. The whole album feels fun at random moments, but I always get bored at some point and I can never remember any of this afterwards, even after listening to it multiple times.

Final Rating: 6/10

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