Album 0466: Sirenia – The 13th Floor


Release Date: 2009
Genre: Gothic Metal


1. The Path To Decay (04:18)
2. Lost In Life (03:12)
3. The Mind Maelstrom (04:48)
4. The Seventh Summer (05:22)
5. Beyond Life’s Scenery (04:33)
6. The Lucid Door (04:49)
7. Led Astray (04:35)
8. Winterborn 77 (05:33)
9. Sirens Of The Seven Seas (05:14)
10. The Path To Decay (radio mix) (03:35)
11. The Mind Maelstrom (instrumental) (04:50)
12. Winterborn 77 (instrumental) (05:34)

Total Length: 56:21

The Path To Decay is a very solid opening track. The chorus can get stuck in your head for days, the solo is restrained but great, and the mixture of vocal types keeps each moment fresh. Lost In Life is kind of great too. Again I love the chorus, and the sound of each instrument is just so well made. The Mind Maelstrom kind of has one great idea and repeats it a lot. It’s certainly well done, but not up to the standards of the first two tracks.

The Seventh Summer is a little better, but the song goes on a bit too long honestly. I really enjoy the chorus though. Beyond Life’s Scenery is a bit boring, but as always the vocals are the shining, saving grace. The guitar riff is really simple and not that interesting, but the rest helps make up for it. The Lucid Door has some great moments as well, but to be honest the album starts to lose me a bit here. I still enjoy it, but for whatever reason I just can’t connect to it.

Led Astray has some beautiful moments to it even though I’m still having a similar issue to the previous song. Winterborn 77 has some great arrangements, all the instruments have their own little bits that all work really well. Not my favorite track, but good. Sirens Of The Seven Seas feels like a song from a different band, and it gives just enough of a change at the end of the album to feel fresh. A good note to end on.

The bonus tracks start with the radio mix/edit of The Path To Decay. It’s a good 45 seconds shorter, and it still works fine. The instrumental versions of The Mind Maelstrom and Winterborn 77 both do that thing that always annoys me. They only removed the lead vocals, so all the choir vocals are still there. I suppose then these tracks would work for karaoke, but it just feels disingenuous to me to label it as an instrumental when it’s kind of not. The tracks are both fine in this manner though. The whole album has a lot of great moments, but it really doesn’t quite come together for me. It has grown on me though, and I enjoy it more than I did the first go-around.

Final Rating: 7.5/10


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