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February 18, 2018

Album 0469: Soilwork – Sworn To A Great Divide


Release Date: 2007
Genre: Melodic Death Metal


1. Sworn To A Great Divide (03:33)
2. Exile (03:50)
3. Breeding Thorns (03:56)
4. Your Beloved Scapegoat (03:58)
5. The Pittsburgh Syndrome (02:46)
6. I, Vermin (03:39)
7. Light Discovering Darkness (03:51)
8. As The Sleeper Awakes (04:18)
9. Silent Bullet (03:27)
10. Sick Heart River (04:13)
11. 20 More Miles (04:39)
12. Martyr (04:17)
13. Sovereign (04:25)
14. Overclocked (03:42)

Total Length: 54:33

Funny that I managed to skip over two whole years of doing this. Tough album to come back to as well. These guys tend to put out stuff that is just kind of like water, maybe a bit muddy though. It goes in one ear and out the other and takes multiple listens to even tell the tracks apart, let alone try and write about them. The title track, Sworn To A Great Divide, is one of the best tracks on the album. It’s just fun to listen to and sing along to.

Exile is disappointment in song form. The first part of the verses are extremely cool and then it devolves into every other band’s sound. The chorus is almost fun but in the end, I’m not a fan. Breeding Thorns starts/continues the trend of choruses being the best parts of songs. I really dislike the hook of Your Beloved Scapegoat, and it honestly seems like one of their weaker aspects, songwriting-wise. This song just doesn’t deliver for some reason. The Pittsburgh Syndrome is one of the faster songs on here but it honestly just bores me. For some reason, the singer randomly growls the name of the song in the middle of a break.

I, Vermin is generally where this album really starts to lose me. It’s a song where once I’m done listening to it, I can’t remember a thing about it. At least even the previous track I can remember the random nature of the growled title. Light Discovering Darkness is their attempt to be a little different but honestly, it just comes off as their weird attempt to mix grunge into their sound. I’m really not fond of it. As The Sleeper Awakes continues the trends set before. Bad, basic hook and randomly growling the title of the song. I feel like this could belong to any other band in the genre. Silent Bullet offers nothing new, I really don’t have much to say here.

Sick Heart River is when we finally bring us back to a good song with a different twist to it. The hook still isn’t great but at least there is some emotion to be shown here. I do enjoy this track, especially the verse feeling specifically like there’s a fight or struggle going on. 20 More Miles is the standard closer to the album, the next three being bonus tracks from various releases. It deserves its spot because it is far and away the best song on the album. The chorus will for sure get stuck in my head some days, and there is a more pronounced use of keyboards than is noticeable in other tracks. These last two tracks may be less melo-death, but at least they work as pop songs.

The bonus tracks are generally more of the same quality as the album proper. Martyr has some neat calmer moments with the guitars, but in the end it’s still the same style that just drains you listening to it, just a wall of noise. I do like some of the guitar solo too. Sovereign has the best chorus of these three,  but it still doesn’t save it. Overclocked is the worst of these three though. It shares track 6’s quality of being entirely forgettable.

In the end, this album offers me one or two tracks to throw onto my phone, but as an album it really suffers and is hard to listen through the whole way. From what I understand this is kind of a midpoint for the band though, so I’m interested to see if they had degraded here or if they improve. Here’s to getting back on track with releases here, though weekly will surely be the  goal from here. Can’t do this daily anymore, not a young man with no attachments now.

Final Rating: 4/10

(By the way with all this time between and putting more time into each I will probably be harsher on scores than I used to be. Also thinking about going through what I’ve done in the past and throwing each album on once and seeing if my scores stay the same, I’m sure some will come down (looking at you, Suburbs…))