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May 25, 2012

Album 0040: Toy Matinee – Toy Matinee

Release Date: 1990
Genre: Pop/Progressive Rock


1. Last Plane Out (05:13)
2. Turn It On Salvador (04:55)
3. Things She Said (04:58)
4. Remember My Name (05:19)
5. The Toy Matinee (05:03)
6. Queen Of Misery (04:31)
7. The Ballad Of Jenny Ledge (05:50)
8. There Was A Little Boy (05:35)
9. We Always Come Home (04:30)
10. eetinaM yoT ehT (00:33)
11. Blank Page (02:23)
12. Things She Said (alternate version) (05:13)
13. There Was A Little Boy (early version) (04:16)
14. Last Plane Out (early version) (05:36)

Total Length: 01:03:55

Last Plane Out is a very catchy track and kicks off the album well. Turn It On Salvador is very funky, and one of the coolest songs to show off how good the production, mixing, and mastering on this album is. Things She Said has a fun chorus, but takes a while to build up to it and isn’t terribly interesting to me during that period. Remember My Name is very cool, I especially like the keyboards used on it.

The Toy Matinee is okay, I like the feeling of it but the song itself doesn’t stick with me. Queen Of Misery is a fairly good pop track. The Ballad Of Jenny Ledge is a fantastic song, my one qualm with is that I think the ending section is unnecessary. There Was A Little Boy is very neat, I like the melodrama of the chorus. We Always Come Home is fairly nice to listen to, but mostly boring to be quite honest.

eetinaM yoT ehT is a dumb little backwards speaking track. Blank Page is an alright little song. The alternate version of Things She Said is fairly neat but I’m still not hip on the song. The early version of There Was A Little Boy is a bit more rocking, but I think I do like the finalized version more. The early version of Last Plane Out is kind of cool but also very similar to the regular version. This album overall has some neat moments but has never been my cup of tea. It’s a weird mix of stuff and makes me feel odd.

Final Rating: 7/10