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October 31, 2012

Album 0150: Shpongle – Are You Shpongled?

Release Date: 1998
Genre: Psychedelic Downtempo


1. Shpongle Falls (08:34)
2. Monster Hit (08:57)
3. Vapour Rumours (10:26)
4. Shpongle Spores (07:16)
5. Behind Closed Eyelids (12:29)
6. Divine Moments Of Truth (10:20)
7. …And The Day Turned To Night (19:58)

Total Length: 01:18:00

Shpongle Falls combines a lot of neat elements. The atmospheric intro, slowed down vocals, samples, and cool percussion interjections create a pretty nice vibe. The group also tosses in the first appearance of some world influences in the form of some flutes. Monster Hit gets a little bit more right to the point, starting with some good percussion and building from there. There are also some cool vocal samples and while the track is nice it goes on a bit long for me.

Vapour Rumours is mostly good and reminiscent of the the other tracks. The samples work fairly well to give the song a bit more of a creepy atmosphere, but it never really goes the whole nine yards. Shpongle Shores is a bit slower paced and has some very cool synths that I enjoy a lot. Behind Closed Eyelids is pretty fantastic the whole way through once it stumbles past its intro. I like the way the song builds and keeps changing.

Divine Moments Of Truth uses some neat throat singing samples, and has a pace and rhythm different from the other tracks so far. It feels a bit more fierce, in your face. …And The Day Turned To Night is a big piece to close the album off. A lengthy intro leads into a song that just doesn’t quit. Really the best part of this whole album is that you don’t need to be focused. It is great to simply relax to, despite some intense moments. It’s still not the first thing I pick to listen to, but I’m never unhappy from having listened to it.

Final Rating: 8/10