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February 25, 2014

Album 0433: Danny Elfman – The Frighteners Original Soundtrack


Release Date: 1996
Genre: Soundtrack


1. Intro/Titles (05:45)
2. The Lads (02:04)
3. Polttergeists (02:11)
4. Victim #38 (01:54)
5. Who’s Next? (01:46)
6. The Garden (03:09)
7. Chilly (01:30)
8. Time (04:49)
9. Patty’s Place (02:14)
10. Flashbacks (01:10)
11. Patty Attack (03:07)
12. Frank’s Wife (00:53)
13. Doom (03:11)
14. Heaven (01:45)

Total Length: 35:27

Intro/Titles is kind of the highlight of this whole record for me. It covers all the main themes, and has all the nice little Elfman flairs scattered throughout. Just plain enjoyable. The Lads has a bit of pep to its step, the arrangement is kind of the highlight here. Poltergeists doesn’t work as well here outside of the film. Victim #38 is kind of creepy yet somber. Who’s Next? is a decent enough piece.

The Garden seems to crib a bit from some of Elfman’s previous scores, and it’s alright. Chilly actually feels like the Coraline soundtrack, except that was way later, and another composer. Time is a big old piece and has some neat things in it. Patty’s Place is fairly creepy. Flashbacks just doesn’t do anything.

Patty Attack is kind of heavier and big. Frank’s Wife is just a whatever track, honestly. Doom has some cool moments in it though. Heaven is okay. I like this movie, but this isn’t one of his stronger soundtracks. It kind of takes more of a backseat approach.

Final Rating: 5.5/10

September 15, 2013

Album 0348: Danny Elfman – The Nightmare Before Christmas Original Soundtrack


Release Date: 1993
Genre: Soundtrack/Score


1. Overture (01:47)
2. Opening (00:57)
3. This Is Halloween (03:16)
4. Post Party (02:19)
5. Jack’s Lament (03:00)
6. Doctor Finklestein/In The Forest (02:37)
7. What’s This? (03:05)
8. Sally’s Lament/Wandering Jack (02:48)
9. Jack Returns (00:31)
10. Town Meeting Song Intro (00:35)
11. Town Meeting Song (02:57)
12. Jack And Sally Montage (05:17)
13. Jack’s Obsession (02:47)
14. Work In Progress (02:03)
15. Kidnap The Sandy Claws (03:03)
16. Bunny (01:50)
17. Making Christmas Intro (00:27)
18. Making Christmas (03:58)
19. Nabbed (03:04)
20. Oogie Boogie’s Song (03:16)
21. Big Send-Off (02:01)
22. Sally’s Song (01:48)
23. Christmas Eve Montage (06:55)
24. Poor Jack (02:31)
25. To The Rescue (03:39)
26. Back To Business (00:50)
27. Finale/Reprise (02:44)
28. Closing (01:26)
29. End Title (05:04)

Total Length: 01:16:32

The Overture begins our journey and hits many of the salient points of the soundtrack before we even begin, it’s fun. Opening starts the story and works in context but isn’t exactly good on its own. This Is Halloween is simply a classic and I don’t know how you can hate the track. Maybe hearing just the melody over and over and over in a certain video game, but not this actual song. I just love everything about it, the different voices, the macabre lyrics, and that there’s even a reference to Boingo in the track.

Post Party is one of the ‘newer’ tracks in this version, where we get the full backing music from the film instead of just selections. It actually has some fun little moments in it that would be tougher to hear with the dialog and sound effects over it. Jack’s Lament is fantastic and a great showcase for Danny Elfman. Doctor Finklestein/In The Forest is a fine track and I like how they will build into the actual songs.

What’s This? is simply amazing and again I don’t see how anyone can dislike it. Danny is completely on point here and the amount of fun this track exudes is incredible. Sally’s Lament/Wandering Jack is a fine little piece. Jack Returns is an upbeat, tiny transition. Town Meeting Song Intro simply prepares us for the next song. Town Meeting Song is fun and brings out that ‘musical’ quality in a way that really works for me.

Jack And Sally Montage plays well but works better in the context of the film. Jack’s Obsession has some great lines in it and I always enjoy it. Work In Progress is decent, again it doesn’t do much on its own. Kidnap The Sandy Claws is absurdly upbeat with its darker lyrics and I love it so. Bunny is alright, and Making Christmas Intro is nearly nonexistent. Making Christmas is amazing but after hearing the rock version that was abandoned I’m so sad we didn’t get that version. Still, this song does wonders.

Nabbed is fine, it again is better in the film. Oogie Boogie’s Song is great, and I have to wonder who came up with it. The name of the character and this being a very Cab Calloway-inspired track seems to imply that Danny drew on his old Boingo days to come up with it. Big Send-Off is fairly fun, even without the visuals. Sally’s Song is probably the least interesting of the regular songs, but I still like her voice and the vocal line is super catchy.

Christmas Eve Montage is big and long and not that great on its own. Poor Jack builds up to a great point. To The Rescue is decent. Back To Business is alright. Finale/Reprise is very upbeat and I love going over through some of the themes again real quick. Closing is more story stuff. End Title is good as well. I really enjoy listening to this soundtrack, though I tend to cut it down to mostly just the songs with lyrics.

Final Rating: 8.5/10

December 31, 2012

Album 0204: Danny Elfman – Back To School Original Soundtrack


Release Date: 1986
Genre: Soundtrack


1. Overture (02:13)
2. Do Not Go Gently… (01:08)
3. The Brawl (00:52)
4. Action Medley (01:29)
5. Classroom Secretary (01:02)
6. Triple Lindy (02:04)
7. Love Suite (02:29)
8. Study Montage (02:01)

Total Length: 13:18

There is obviously more music in the film, but this little half-soundtrack is all that I can find. Overture is fantastic, it’s classic Elfman with instruments he wasn’t using too often at the time. Do Not Go Gently… is a nice little track that builds up. The Brawl sounds like a cartoon, it’s pretty fun. Action Medley is an okay little background piece. Classroom Secretary isn’t too notable.

Triple Lindy actually kind of reminds me of E.T., it’s a nice little track. Love Suite doesn’t really work too well on its own. Study Montage kind of redoes the overture, it’s still neat though. This is just a nice little slice of Danny’s early film career, and how brilliant it could be even then. The overture can get stuck in my head like nobody’s business.

Final Rating: 6.5/10

June 14, 2012

Album 0053: Danny Elfman – Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure Original Soundtrack

Release Date: 1985
Genre: Soundtrack


1. Main Title/Bike Race (02:54)
2. The Breakfast Machine (02:40)
3. The Bike (01:42)
4. The Park Ride (01:19)
5. The Mall (01:12)
6. Music Shop And Beyond (01:05)
7. Stolen Bike/Lonely Walk (01:42)
8. Francis’ House (00:34)
9. The Bath (01:32)
10. The Basement (02:14)
11. Hitch Hike (00:57)
12. Edsel Over The Edge (01:21)
13. Simone’s Theme (01:37)
14. Dinosaur Dream (00:49)
15. Andy Chase (00:51)
16. Alamo (00:19)
17. Bus Station/Simone (01:04)
18. Clown Dream (02:00)
19. Studio Chase (01:25)
20. Pet Shop (02:11)
21. The Drive-In (02:04)
22. Finale (03:07)
23. Large Marge (00:52)
24. The Fork (00:27)
25. Rain/Fortune (01:39)
26. Andy Chase 2 (00:26)
27. Cowboy Pee-Wee (00:33)
28. Andy And The Bull (00:26)
29. Stolen Bike/Lonely Walk (film version) (01:40)
30. Hitch Hike (film version) (00:58)
31. Simone (film version) (02:09)
32. Dino Dreams (film version) (00:47)
33. Studio Chase (film version) (03:58)

Total Length: 48:33

I’m going to be handling this album a bit differently. Due to the number of tracks, and the amount of themes repeated on them, instead of going through each and every track I’ll simply point out my favorites, and possibly any moments that aren’t so great. Main Title/Bike Race is very fun, setting up the themes for the movie. The Breakfast Machine is just classic, one of Danny Elfman’s most famous pieces. It’s quirky and catchy. The Bike brings back the main theme, but also a healthy dose of cheesy 80s goodness in the remainder of the track. Despite rarely watching this movie as a kid, this part just evokes strong nostalgic memories.

The Park Ride is probably the funniest thing on this album, with Pee-Wee himself singing along with the music, unfortunately the whole track isn’t like that. The Mall and Music Shop And Beyond seem to share similar themes, one being a little more fun than the other. Stolen Bike/Lonely Walk seems to borrow from Psycho in its creepier moments. Hitch Hike is actually fun with its harmonica sound.

The rest of the tracks simply redo the themes already presented, or only offer a slight bit of fun. I lose track most of the way through, but those few opening tracks are pretty classic. This release of it is cool for including pretty much everything that was in the movie, but the repeated amount of material doesn’t make for solid listening on its own.

Final Rating: 6.5/10