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June 9, 2013

Album 0272: Rhapsody Of Fire – Emerald Sword


Release Date: 1998
Genre: Power Metal


1. Where Dragons Fly (04:35)
2. Land Of Immortals (04:51)

Total Length: 09:26

Where Dragons Fly has a very regal opening, and the chorus has power while never going wholly into metal. The acoustic guitar solo is fairly neat. It’s a cool track that hasn’t been released on anything else. Land Of Immortals is from the band’s first album, and this version is sort of a remix, it has a few differences from the original. I like this version better. It simply sounds bigger and has more going for it. It is definitely louder than the original release, but I mean in that respect and more. These are neat some b-sides for the single, and it’s worth listening to.

Final Rating: 8/10