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March 3, 2014

Album 0437: Firewind – Days Of Defiance


Release Date: 2010
Genre: Power Metal


1. The Ark Of Lies (04:44)
2. World On Fire (04:38)
3. Chariot (04:38)
4. Embrace The Sun (04:05)
5. The Departure (00:44)
6. Heading For The Dawn (04:00)
7. Broken (03:24)
8. Cold As Ice (04:34)
9. Kill In The Name Of Love (04:27)
10. SKG (05:19)
11. Losing Faith (04:11)
12. The Yearning (04:53)
13. When All Is Said And Done (05:08)
14. Wild Rose (04:25)
15. Ride To The Rainbow’s End (04:32)
16. Breaking The Law (02:38)

Total Length: 01:06:20

The Ark Of Lies is a decent intro song with a decent intro of its own. It has a fairly nice chorus, and I like some of the guitar bits going on in the background. World On Fire is an okay track, and kind of exemplifies this whole album. It’s nothing you can hate, it’s just very baseline and almost boring. Chariot is much the same as well. Embrace The Sun is almost neat as well, these songs just need an extra flair, another songwriter to weigh in on them.

The Departure is basically an intro, it’s kind of nice. Heading For The Dawn is an above average song for the band, but I still forget everything about it the moment it is over. Broken is kind of their attempt at a ballad, but again it falls short. Cold As Ice basically sounds like a lesser song from Dream Evil’s first album, so Gus G is kind of ripping himself off here, which is why this is probably the best song on the album.

Kill In The Name Of Love is pretty boring, to be honest. SKG is an instrumental and one of the better tracks for it, it actually has some memorable bits. Losing Faith is fairly decent, it at least has a catchy hook. The Yearning doesn’t set itself apart in any real way though. When All Is Said And Done is kind of neat though, it has a couple moments that would be great in other songs. Wild Rose is completely unimaginative, same thing with Ride To The Rainbow’s End. Judas Priest originally did Breaking The Law and the cover here is decent but definitely lesser than the original. Firewind is a band that I don’t think will ever captivate me.

Final Rating: 6/10

August 14, 2013

Album 0322: Firewind – Between Heaven And Hell


Release Date: 2002
Genre: Power Metal


1. Between Heaven And Hell (04:52)
2. Warrior (04:45)
3. World Of Conflict (04:05)
4. Destination Forever (03:45)
5. Oceans (01:49)
6. Tomorrow Can Wait (05:40)
7. Pictured Life (03:37)
8. Firewind Raging (04:27)
9. I Will Fight Alone (05:10)
10. Northern Sky (04:51)
11. Fire (04:39)
12. Who Am I? (05:29)

Total Length: 52:59

Between Heaven And Hell is a fairly decent opening track but it suffers from the same problem as every single Firewind album in that they are just not dynamic enough, in the songwriting/arrangement sense. The guitars are kind of the focus but that doesn’t really work and everything sounds the same. This song at least has a decent chorus. Warrior features some neat vocal moments. If more tracks were like this I might not find the band so boring.

World Of Conflict continues the trend. It really isn’t bad necessarily, just not that interesting. Destination Forever starts off cool but in my opinion it doesn’t really do anything with it. Oceans is a calmer instrumental. It’s kind of wanky but at least it’s different. Tomorrow Can Wait has a very cool opening but again the song then dives right into generic territory and I lose interest.

Pictured Life is utterly unremarkable, sorry Gus G. Firewind Raging at least has some nice moments, there are a few guitar melodies that caught my ear. I Will Fight Alone holds true: it’s completely standard. I don’t get it, there are things here that could be turned into great songs but like halfway through the process they seem to be considered done.

Northern Sky is an instrumental and it’s at least decent because it tries to do a bunch of things. Fire is kind of boring though, that’s about all I can say about it. Who Am I? is pretty easily the best song on here, but sadly that is attributed to it being based on Bach. Like, hey maybe you should try doing more things like this since it worked well instead of your boring rock songs done in power metal style.

Final Rating: 4.5/10

March 4, 2013

Album 0258: Firewind – Burning Earth


Release Date: 2003
Genre: Power Metal


1. Steal Them Blind (05:00)
2. I Am The Anger (03:49)
3. Immortal Lives Young (06:47)
4. Burning Earth (04:03)
5. The Fire And The Fury (05:26)
6. You Have Survived (05:28)
7. Brother’s Keeper (04:43)
8. Waiting Still (04:07)
9. The Longest Day (05:22)
10. Still The Winds (02:14)
11. Burning Earth (demo) (04:06)
12. The Fire And The Fury (demo) (05:23)

Total Length: 56:28

Steal Them Blind is a solid track, the verse is decent but the lead-up to the chorus and the chorus itself are great. The bridge is also very good. I Am The Anger is okay, the verse is the best part of the song. Immortal Lives Young is sort of interesting but also full of itself and goes on too long. Burning Earth is kind of basic. It’s neither bad nor great, I can’t say too much about it. The Fire And The Fury is a fairly good instrumental. Other than not having vocals it doesn’t necessarily stand out, but in a way I enjoy it more because it doesn’t try to be more than what it is.

You Have Survived has some neat riffs and vocals, it’s a fairly good track. Brother’s Keeper is one of the better songs on the album because it has a tinge of emotion, but the last minute is completely unnecessary. Waiting Still has a good chorus, it’s kind of memorable. The Longest Day is sort of a ballad. It works well enough until it gets heavier. Still The Winds is a decent little instrumental.

The demo of Burning Earth isn’t too different other than being of slightly lesser audio quality. The Fire And The Fury demo is much the same. Still a fairly good song. Overall this album is just kind of boring though. I hate that gimmicks sometimes stand out to me more, but this stuff just doesn’t really appeal to me. I think part of the problem with that is that this is the Gus G show, and less of a band. So I sometimes feel like there’s no use in paying attention to anything that’s not the guitar, especially the vocals.

Final Rating: 5.5/10

September 12, 2012

Album 0113: Firewind – Allegiance

Release Date: 2006
Genre: Power Metal


1. Allegiance (04:42)
2. Insanity (04:29)
3. Falling To Pieces (04:03)
4. Ready To Strike (04:36)
5. Breaking The Silence (04:03)
6. Deliverance (06:07)
7. Till The End Of Time (04:36)
8. Dreamchaser (04:07)
9. Before The Storm (03:42)
10. The Essence (04:19)
11. Where Do We Go From Here? (03:57)

Total Length: 48:42

Allegiance is a fairly good track. The main riff isn’t bad and the chorus kind of makes you want to sing along. Insanity is alright but is really just basic. The riff, chorus, and solo are all very baseline. Falling To Pieces tries to be a bit more melodic and slower, and it sort of works. I will say that I like the main riff during the verse. Ready To Strike is another song that really doesn’t do much for me in anyway.

Breaking The Silence adds a bit of a pop flair by having a guest female singer. I like it well enough. Deliverance starts off pretty well, I like the combo of acoustic guitars and synths, but it goes on too long and overstays its welcome. Til The End Of Time tries to be a bigger song but doesn’t really interest me other than some neat guitar parts. Dreamchaser is really cheesy but formulaic.

Before The Storm is a meandering instrumental and is all the more interesting for that reason. It doesn’t try to be anything more and so in this band’s case I like it for that reason. The Essence has a cool transition to its chorus but that’s about it. Where Do We Go From Here? is more of the same, and there’s not much more I can say about. This album is just kind of boring and has a couple good moments but they don’t count for much in the end.

Final Rating: 5.5/10