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January 17, 2014

Album 0420: Franz Ferdinand – Tonight: Franz Ferdinand


Release Date: 2009
Genre: Indie Rock


1. Ulysses (03:11)
2. Turn It On (02:21)
3. No You Girls (03:42)
4. Send Him Away (02:59)
5. Twilight Omens (02:30)
6. Bite Hard (03:26)
7. What She Came For (03:34)
8. Live Alone (03:29)
9. Can’t Stop Feeling (03:03)
10. Lucid Dreams (07:56)
11. Dream Again (03:18)
12. Katherine Kiss Me (02:56)
13. Lucid Dreams (original version) (03:43)
14. Ulysses (Disco Bloodbath Effect) (08:05)

Total Length: 54:12

Ulysses starts off awkwardly, but once the rest of the band tags in they achieve their unique atmosphere that I’ve loved since their first album, and the catchiness takes over to become a solid song. The ending is kind of odd since they use a sample I’ve heard before, and it takes you out of it a bit. Turn It On is kind of simplistic but enjoyable. No You Girls has a lackluster verse, but the chorus more than makes up for it. The chorus is pretty much an anthem.

Send Him Away takes on a classic feeling, it’s neat to hear them do that so well. The tone just plain works here. Of course, then Twilight Omens comes along and blows it out of the water. It smacks you in the face with its opening and keeps up the pace, this is probably the best song on the album. Bite Hard starts off pretending to be a softer song, but then busts out to be a pretty fun track with some good synth sounds in it.

What She Came For is pretty funky and has a bunch of cool moments in it. I think the vocals are kind of odd at times, and is a similar issue that I neglected to mention in the first track. Live Alone has a good atmosphere to, and I like that there are a bunch of different parts you can focus on through the song. Can’t Stop Feeling almost annoys me, it feels like one of those dirt-simple dance songs with its intro, but I still enjoy it.

Lucid Dreams has an awkward intro, but after that first dozen seconds or so, the song finds its footing and becomes probably the band’s most experimental. It kind of flows between its sections in a freeform style, giving no crap about what exactly the last was doing, because now it’s something different. It caps it all off with its last three minutes being an electronic jam of sorts, just kind of meandering around. I’m fairly okay with it, but it doesn’t end well.

Dream Again is more subdued, but seems thematically tied to the previous track. I enjoy the atmosphere on it, it’s pretty great. Katherine Kiss Me is an acoustic track, and the band doesn’t do these often but usually excels at them, and they do in this case. The original version of Lucid Dreams without all the extra bits has a way better start, and is just overall more compact. It’s probably better than the final version, but it’s nice to have both around. Ulysses (Disco Bloodbath Effect) is a long remix of the opening track, and the issue for me is that it focuses on the wrong parts of the song to expand on. I enjoy this album, but probably not for the reasons they were hoping. Whenever they get close to that magical sound of their first album is when it’s the best.

Final Rating: 8/10

May 25, 2013

Album 0266: Franz Ferdinand – Walk Away


Release Date: 2005
Genre: Indie Rock


1. Sexy Boy (03:41)

Total Length: 03:41

As per usual when I cover a single, I excise any tracks that are exactly the same as they are on the main album. This leaves the b-side Sexy Boy, a cover of Air, which drips atmosphere but isn’t too interesting a song to me. It kind of has a Bob Dylan vibe in the vocals and the song sort of doesn’t know what it wants to be, in my opinion. The biggest problem is that it’s not really doing what I like this band for, and so just isn’t for me. It’s also very repetitive.

Final Rating: 5/10

January 14, 2013

Album 0218: Franz Ferdinand – You Could Have It So Much Better


Release Date: 2005
Genre: Indie Rock


1. The Fallen (03:42)
2. Do You Want To (03:35)
3. This Boy (02:22)
4. Walk Away (03:36)
5. Evil And A Heathen (02:06)
6. You’re The Reason I’m Leaving (02:47)
7. Eleanor Put Your Boots On (02:50)
8. Well That Was Easy (03:02)
9. What You Meant (03:25)
10. I’m Your Villain (04:04)
11. You Could Have It So Much Better (02:42)
12. Fade Together (03:03)
13. Outsiders (04:03)
14. Your Diary (03:11)
15. Fabulously Lazy (02:57)
16. What You Meant (acoustic) (02:55)

Total Length: 50:19

The Fallen has a great little intro, and the bass and fun atmosphere is a fantastic start to the album. There are some rare times where I tire of the song, but it’s generally pleasant to listen to. Do You Want To is a bit more dancey, and as usual with lead singles from albums I find them to be weaker tracks on the album, and this is no exception. Still enjoyable though. This Boy is a better track for example. It knows exactly how long to last, the main riff sticks with you a lot more, and I like the chorus a touch more.

Walk Away has some neat keyboard sounds going on in the background and a memorable chorus. It’s a slightly softer track after the first few, and I enjoy that slight breather. Evil And A Heathen is a fun short track. These songs on average are shorter than ones from their first album, but I don’t like them quite as much. You’re The Reason I’m Leaving has some neat melodies in it. Eleanor Put Your Boots On is a song I’ve talked about on here before. I kind of prefer this one to the single version, it just seems a bit more personal.

Well That Was Easy is kind of jarring after the last track, but still enjoyable. What You Meant kind of sounds like a generic indie track of the time, but I don’t really feel strongly about it one way or the other. I’m Your Villain has a really cool main riff and is one of my favorite tracks. You Could Have It So Much Better is an odd song that I’ve never really liked, and so I don’t really get why it was picked as the title of the album. I did like the title better when it had “…With Franz Ferdinand” tacked on at the end.

Fade Together is another softer track, and I like it and its calm atmoshpere. Outsiders kind of returns to the dance style, but does it a whole lot better than the other tracks. The synth backing helps this, and the vocal lines just make me want to sing along. The last few tracks are bonuses, I can’t remember where I took them from but I’ve considered most of them part of the album since it was first released so I’m adding them on. Your Diary isn’t terribly great, the chorus is the real stand out.

Fabulously Lazy is in the same vein. The buildup to the chorus and the chorus itself are enchanting, but the rest of the song feels very boring. What You Meant is in an acoustic variety this time, and is a rare case where I might prefer the acoustic version. My problem with the main version was that is just sounded pretty basic, and this version at least does something different with it. Despite a complaint here or there, this is a strong album with not a whole lot of downfalls. I may not prefer to some of the band’s other albums, but I never regret listening to it.

Final Rating: 8/10

August 31, 2012

Album 0104: Franz Ferdinand – Eleanor Put Your Boots On

Release Date: 2006
Genre: Alternative Rock


1. Eleanor Put Your Boots On (single version) (03:13)
2. Ghost In A Ditch (03:45)
3. Fade Together (Avalanches remix) (03:51)
4. Sound And Vision (03:08)

Total Length: 13:56

Eleanor Put Your Boots On actually does differ from the album version, but with the exception of bridge I much prefer the album version. Ghost In A Ditch is a new track, mostly acoustic. It has some neat ideas but it doesn’t really have any of the charm that I love about Franz Ferdinand. Fade Together is remixed, and I don’t really like it honestly. Too much added crap that’s unnecessary (like the vinyl static) and by making the vocals so much more spread out, they lose all the power they had in the original. Really this single is only useful to me in that I still like the single version of the title track.

Edit (10/01/2013): I added the track Sound And Vision. It’s from a compilation but I’m picky and don’t want to do the whole compilation, and this single is the closest timeframe for it. I doubt anyone reading this will really get mad at me for it. The track is a David Bowie cover, and it’s really nice though I feel that the intro is a bit long, and the song feels like it ends right when it gets going.

Final Rating: 5.5/10