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August 7, 2014

Album 0461: Helheim – Kaoskult

Helheim - Kaoskult

Release Date: 2008
Genre: Black/Folk Metal


1. Det Norrøne Alter (05:19)
2. Northern Forces (04:17)
3. Om Smerte Og Liv (07:32)
4. Om Tilblivelsen Fra Gapende Tomhet (03:31)
5. Helheim 6 (02:50)
6. Åndevind (06:07)
7. Symboler Bakover Og Fremover (03:07)
8. Altered Through Ages, Constant In Time (03:25)
9. Svart Seid (04:45)

Total Length: 40:51

Det Norrøne Alter has a fantastic opening that wastes no time. The dark atmosphere is presented immediately and the slow moving pace is perfect. Things pick about a third of the way through and there are great varied vocals and some good riffs. The bit at the end with the organ is fantastic. Northern Forces features a very cool riff to start things off and is just a solid song overall. Om Smerte Og Live is good as well, though it doesn’t justify its length too well. It kind of kills the pace of the album for me a little bit.

Om Tilblivelsen Fra Gapende Tomhet is a fast song with some nice points to it. I can’t say I love it, but I enjoy it. Helheim 6 is kind of an ongoing series on their albums, dark instrumental pieces. It’s a nice break at least. Åndevind has some fine moments to it but I find myself getting bored by this point in the album. It just doesn’t engage me. Symboler Bakover Og Fremover does a little bit better job on that front, I do really like the chorus.

Altered Through Ages, Constant In Time is pretty solid throughout. Again at this point though, just kinda waiting for the album to end. Svart Seid just doesn’t offer anything new to the table. I enjoy listening to this album, but after the first two songs it really loses me and I just can’t focus on it.

Final Rating: 6/10

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