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September 17, 2013

Album 0349: Nightwish – Once


Release Date: 2004
Genre: Power Metal


1. Dark Chest Of Wonders (04:29)
2. Wish I Had An Angel (04:06)
3. Nemo (04:36)
4. Planet Hell (04:39)
5. Creek Mary’s Blood (08:29)
6. The Siren (04:45)
7. Dead Gardens (04:28)
8. Romanticide (04:58)
9. Ghost Love Score (10:02)
10. Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan (Death Makes An Artist) (03:59)
11. Higher Than Hope (05:37)
12. White Night Fantasy (04:04)
13. Live To Tell The Tale (04:59)

Total Length: 01:09:11

Dark Chest Of Wonders is a beautiful opening song, making great use of the live orchestra that backs most of this album. Everything on this track works and it’s hard to hate it. Wish I Had An Angel is really good outside of the electronic elements, it personally just feels a bit much at some points. The mixture of vocals is cool though. Nemo seems kind of Stratovarius influenced with just drum and bass during some of the verses, but once the guitars do come in they kind of wash over and are not well defined at all. The song has some cool melodies but for my part doesn’t do too much with them. I don’t dislike the song, but it could have been much more.

Planet Hell however works way better. The intro is more compelling and the buildup to the verse is fantastic. The cheesy dual vocals come back and they’re frankly amazing. Creek Mary’s Blood is a song I’m torn on. I like what it does but it also feels like something they shouldn’t be doing. I guess it’s enjoyable but the song is a bit longer than it needs to be. The Siren has a nice intro, but that’s about it. The song doesn’t stick with me and is again probably a bit lengthy for what it does.

Dead Gardens has a really good chorus, I love the vocals in it. Pretty solid song. Romanticide is more of a ‘classic’ track that doesn’t try to be too much, and I like it well enough for that. Ghost Love Score is the big track on here, one of the band’s more famous pieces. It has some cool stuff going on and kind of goes all over the place, but I can’t entirely get into it. Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan is nice but doesn’t feel well defined to me.

Higher Than Hope is a fairly nice track that builds up to a good point, but it wouldn’t really work as the regular end to the album, I think. White Night Fantasy features a quite strange vocal line for the verse, and for that I give it credit because it sets itself apart. Live To Tell The Tale is straight cheesy power metal, like it sounds like the climax to Neverending Story type deal. The rest of the song doesn’t quite live up to its intro though. I enjoy listening through this album, but it didn’t change me like a great album should.

Final Rating: 7.5/10

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January 3, 2013

Album 0207: Nightwish – Over The Hills And Far Away

nightwish - over the hills and far away (front)

Release Date: 2001
Genre: Power/Symphonic Metal


1. Over The Hills And Far Away (05:04)
2. 10th Man Down (05:24)
3. Away (04:33)
4. Astral Romance (05:22)
5. 10th Man Down (live) (05:33)
6. Over The Hills And Far Away (live) (06:00)

Total Length: 31:54

Over The Hills And Far Away is one hell of a song. It’s a Gary Moore cover, and has been good every time I’ve heard it. Nightwish’s version adds a lot of backing stuff that is cool, and Tarja sounds great on it as usual. It’s not hard to see why they made it its own EP. 10th Man Down is a great song that changes itself a couple times throughout. The chorus is pretty catchy as well. Away is pretty nice, I highly enjoy the chorus but the verses tend to kill the pace of the song a bit.

Astral Romance is a re-recording of a track from their first album, this time featuring the awesome Tony Kakko. It has some neat moments in it. The last couple tracks are ones we’ve already heard on here, but in live form. 10th Man Down feels a bit slower here but is still fun. Over The Hills And Far Away is good as well, though I am really not a fan of drawn out endings in live performances like this. This is a pretty solid EP, nothing really bad on here.

Final Rating: 8/10

September 18, 2012

Album 0119: Nightwish – Wishmaster

Release Date: 2000
Genre: Power Metal


1. She Is My Sin (04:46)
2. The Kinslayer (03:59)
3. Come Cover Me (04:34)
4. Wanderlust (04:5)
5. Two For Tragedy (03:51)
6. Wishmaster (04:24)
7. Bare Grace Misery (03:41)
8. Crownless (04:29)
9. Deep Silent Complete (03:57)
10. Dead Boy’s Poem (06:47)
11. FantasMic (08:18)
12. Sleepwalker (02:58)
13. Wanderlust (live) (04:33)
14. Deep Silent Complete (live) (04:20)

Total Length: 01:05:27

She Is My Sin kicks things off with a bang by having a great riff and bringing you in to its atmosphere. Tarja’s vocals work extremely well and the song is just great. The Kinslayer gets a bit cheesy during the spoken parts, but surprising it tends to mesh and the ending is great. Come Cover Me is a bit slower and still fantastic. The chorus and instrumental backing are extremely notable.

Wanderlust gets going fast though, and the bridge is a wonder to behold, just plain a good song. Two For Tragedy kind of trudges along and isn’t really done well. Wishmaster is pretty much awesome and the chorus just gets stuck in your head. Cool title track and a neat highlight for the halfway point of the album. Bare Grace Misery is almost forgettable but it has some good moments and is pleasant to listen to.

Crownless starts off pretty well but then just kind of staggers and doesn’t go anywhere with it. Deep Silent Complete builds up fairly well, but I’m not fond of the hook that is used again at then end. Dead Boy’s Poem tries to be big and epic but I really just find it boring most of the time. FantasMic works a bit better in that regard, as there’s no point where I dislike it but none of it really stays with me.

Sleepwalker is a little bonus track, and deservedly so. It’s short and has electronic influences and had no real redeeming qualities. The live tracks are performed well but there’s really not much to say about them. This album is very good but at times it feels like they reached too far, especially in the last couple tracks. While I absolutely love larger songs, if they’re not done well then they are just a pain to get through.

Final Rating: 7.5/10