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December 7, 2013

Album 0397: Om – Pilgrimage


Release Date: 2007
Genre: Doom Metal


1. Pilgrimage (10:33)
2. Unitive Knowledge Of The Godhead (05:51)
3. Bhima’s Theme (11:41)
4. Pilgrimage (Reprise) (04:15)

Total Length: 32:19

Om is a band that I definitely did not understand at first. The slower pace, chanting like vocals, the overall atmosphere was something I hadn’t experienced before. The band continues in this style with Pilgrimage in a great way. Everything is kind of subdued and almost religious in a sense, as evidenced by the album cover. The rhythms are great and catchy, and the vocals are beautiful and haunting.

Unitive Knowledge Of The Godhead has a calm first minute but then we get to the metal part of the genre, and it’s really cool. The vocals stay the same but everything surrounding them is much heavier. Bhima’s Theme continues along this path. It’s not quite as memorable as the last track, even though it’s nearly double the length. Pilgrimage (Reprise) is a nice return to the haunting sounds that started the album. Glad to end it on this note. This album is fairly short and fun to listen to, and provides an atmosphere I don’t experience often.

Final Rating: 8/10

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December 20, 2012

Album 0197: Negură Bunget – OM


Release Date: 2006
Genre: Black Metal


1. Ceasuri Rele (Dark Hours) (03:07)
2. Ţesarul De Lumini (Weaver Of Lights) (12:48)
3. Primul OM (The First Human) (04:22)
4. Cunoașterea Tăcută (Silent Knowledge) (07:12)
5. Înarborat (Rooted) (06:22)
6. Dedesuptul (The Underneath) (06:39)
7. Norilor (Of The Clouds) (03:00)
8. De Piatră (Of Stone) (05:36)
9. Cel Din Urmã Vis (The Last Dream) (10:04)
10. Hora Soarelui (Sun’s Circle Dance) (05:56)
11. Al Doilea OM (The Second Human) (02:04)
12. Văzduh (Air) (06:04)

Total Length: 01:13:14

Ceasuri Rele is a very atmospheric intro, it works very well, and I love the rising volume during the last minute. Ţesarul De Lumini has an insanely good buildup, the song gets heavier and heavier while always keeping an air of familiarity and never straying too far from being melodic. Just a great, big song. Primul OM is another mostly atmospheric track, but with a bit more presence than the intro. The tribal horns and random percussion sounds (I can’t even figure out what to call them) are insanely cool.

Cunoașterea Tăcută wastes no time getting into the heavy stuff, and the mix of vocal types is enjoyable. The picked guitar notes halfway through is freaking awesome, and the use of folk instruments just helps add to the atmosphere. Simply a very cool song overall. Înarborat has some amazing vocal moments, and again the percussion is great. The horn or whatever at the beginning is genius as well. Dedesuptul isn’t quite as remarkable as the previous tracks, but still enjoyable, and has another really neat clean guitar section.

Norilor is a fantastic little instrumental, feels more like an orchestral piece and it is super cool. De Piatră doesn’t contain the uniqueness of the previous track, but it’s still a good song. Cel Din Urmã Vis is a larger song, I kind of feel similarly about it as I did the last track. It has some nice twists and turns but isn’t my favorite track. Hora Soarelui has an amazing main riff, and there are some woodwinds and everything is great again.

Al Doilea OM is a calm ending to the main part of the album. Just some nice low vocals to bridge things out. Văzduh is a fairly neat bonus track, doesn’t really match the greatness of the rest of the album. Overall, I still don’t fully understand all of this album, but it is a strong, unified album at least, and there is something for everyone to enjoy. I think the only thing that really puts me off is this feeling every once in a while of things being cobbled together, like they weren’t fully prepared.

Final Rating: 8.5/10

October 15, 2012

Album 0135: Om – Conference Of The Birds

Release Date: 2006
Genre: Stoner Metal


1. At Giza (15:56)
2. Flight Of The Eagle (17:27)

Total Length: 33:23

At Giza‘s first 4 minutes or so are a mid-paced chant/bass line that really sticks with you and is immediately engaging. It changes to a bit slower pace before getting back into it. The best way I can describe this track, album, and band is just “hypnotic”. Everything is nice and tight and feels good and you just get lost in the music as it drags you. It’s definitely a sit-down type music, you can’t dance to it obviously and I don’t really like listening to it when I work for example. Very cool song.

Flight Of The Eagle is similar but is more focused on the instruments rather than the vocals. The heaviness is almost a bit too much for me at times, and the vocals kind of do save it for me though. It’s hard to describe the track because it’s more just something you listen to and feel. So, kind of more of the same but still good. However, I do have an issue in my mind regarding this being an album. The total length is kind of short, and there’s not quite enough variety here but I’m just being picky. This is pretty cool stuff when you are in the right mood.

Final Rating: 8/10