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February 20, 2014

Album 0430: Rhapsody Of Fire – Dawn Of Victory


Release Date: 2000
Genre: Power Metal


1. Lux Triumphans (02:00)
2. Dawn Of Victory (04:47)
3. Triumph For My Magic Steel (05:47)
4. The Village Of Dwarves (03:52)
5. Dargor, Shadowlord Of The Black Mountain (04:48)
6. The Bloody Rage Of The Titans (06:23)
7. Holy Thunderforce (04:22)
8. Trolls In The Dark (02:32)
9. The Last Winged Unicorn (05:44)
10. The Mighty Ride Of The Firelord (09:17)
11. Guardians (04:23)
12. The Mighty Ride Of The Firelord (edited) (04:48)
13. Holy Thunderforce (alternate mix) (04:21)
14. Triumph For My Magic Steel (alternate mix) (05:46)

Total Length: 01:08:50

Lux Triumphans begins with more of their terrible voiceovers from this era. It’s so bad. The rest of the song is like their other intros though, it’s pretty solid. Dawn Of Victory shows a maturation of the band’s sound even further from their last album. It’s pure, fast metal but with the cinematic qualities that they love. Triumph For My Magic Steel is pretty great, though I never really pay full attention to it.

The Village Of Dwarves is a change of pace, it’s a bit more atmospheric and slower paced. It really plays up the fantasy aspect more than almost any other track on here, I really like it. Dargor, Shadowlord Of The Black Mountain is great, though I kind of prefer the longer pace of the extended version featured on another record. The Bloody Rage Of The Titans cranks up the cinematic factor, and I love the instrumental break in it.

Holy Thunderforce is the first song I ever heard by this band, and I still love it. It’s pitch perfect. Trolls In The Dark is just a super fun instrumental, I love the little bits they throw in to it. The Last Winged Unicorn has some great moments in it, but it’s a song I’ve never really loved. The Mighty Ride Of The Firelord is a bigger song, it’s fantastic. It’s one of those songs that just is always fun to listen to, one of the first from this band that really caught my attention.

Guardians is a Helloween cover, it’s a bit more straight forward than their own stuff, but they do it really well, and it’s just too fun. The edited version of The Mighty Ride Of The Firelord keeps some of the bits I like, but strips the epic feel of it. The alternate mix tracks are cool, but it’s kind of hard to notice a difference to be honest. They still sound great. This whole album is solid, even if I feel like it stagnates at some bits, it’s still at a solid plateau.

Final Rating: 8.5/10

July 5, 2013

Album 0287: Rhapsody Of Fire – Symphony Of Enchanted Lands


Release Date: 1998
Genre: Power Metal


1. Epicus Furor (01:15)
2. Emerald Sword (04:21)
3. Wisdom Of The Kings (04:29)
4. Heroes Of The Lost Valley

    I. Entering The Waterfalls Realm
    II. The Dragon’s Pride (02:04)

5. Eternal Glory (07:29)
6. Beyond The Gates Of Infinity (07:23)
7. Wings Of Destiny (04:28)
8. The Dark Tower Of Abyss (06:47)
9. Riding The Winds Of Eternity (04:13)
10. Symphony Of Enchanted Lands
    I. Tharos’ Last Flight
    II. The Hymn Of The Warrior
    III. Rex Tremende
    Iv. The Immortal Fire (13:17)

Total Length: 55:46

Epicus Furor is one of the band’s better symphonic intro. It’s to-the-point and catchy, and leads perfectly into the second track. Emerald Sword shows an immediate leap in songwriting and production from the band’s first album. It’s a really strong song, and pretty easy to tell why it was the single from this album and remains one of the band’s most popular songs. The chorus can get stuck in my head for a long time.

Wisdom Of The Kings has a calm opening before practically exploding. The guitar riffs and symphonic backing work really well, and simply make for a really catchy song. The instrumental section is also a great little piece of neo-classical music. I love what they do with it. Heroes Of The Lost Valley is an odd little track, it’s an okay instrumental for the first half, and the last bit of it is a spoken thing that serves as an intro to the next song. I kind of feel bad that I can’t help but notice the guy’s weird vocal tics though.

Eternal Glory is a bigger song. It’s got some great moments but I do prefer some of the other tracks on here. I really like the use of guitars to punctuate the symphonic stuff though, rather than the other way around. Beyond The Gates Of Infinity features a creepy-but-good intro, some cool metal stuff, a creepy bridge, and then a cool couple ending minutes with some acoustic guitar thrown in. Wings Of Destiny is a softer track, kind of the ballad of the album. It’s kind of the most boring song on here if you don’t count track four. They’ve done stuff like it better on other albums.

The Dark Tower Of Abyss is a joy of neo-classical fusing with power metal. The song is structured strangely but I’m not going to complain, it just seems like the sudden change at two minutes comes a bit out of nowhere. Great track. Riding The Winds Of Eternity is a cool song. It’s a shorter song comparatively but still does as much as some of the longer ones.

Symphony Of Enchanted Lands is, as shown, a long multi-part track. Tharos’ Last Flight is a spoken intro, and it’s the same guy as before and again I feel bad for snickering. The Hymn Of The Warrior is mostly boring, being drawn out vocals like I’d hear at church. I’m really glad once we get to some fun instrumental stuff, featuring an accordion even! This is where Rex Tremende begins, easily the best part of this whole song. The Immortal Fire is kind of annoying, a drawn out section again with more of that guy’s voice. The last minute or so is nice at least. As far as the bands bigger songs go, this one ranks fairly low for me. The first 5 minutes or so are boring, and the rest doesn’t quite make up for that betrayal. Despite that, this album rarely falters and is a really strong showing.

Final Rating: 8.5/10

June 9, 2013

Album 0272: Rhapsody Of Fire – Emerald Sword


Release Date: 1998
Genre: Power Metal


1. Where Dragons Fly (04:35)
2. Land Of Immortals (04:51)

Total Length: 09:26

Where Dragons Fly has a very regal opening, and the chorus has power while never going wholly into metal. The acoustic guitar solo is fairly neat. It’s a cool track that hasn’t been released on anything else. Land Of Immortals is from the band’s first album, and this version is sort of a remix, it has a few differences from the original. I like this version better. It simply sounds bigger and has more going for it. It is definitely louder than the original release, but I mean in that respect and more. These are neat some b-sides for the single, and it’s worth listening to.

Final Rating: 8/10

January 20, 2013

Album 0223: Rhapsody Of Fire – Legendary Tales


Release Date: 1997
Genre: Symphonic Power Metal


1. Ira Tenax (01:13)
2. Warrior Of Ice (05:58)
3. Rage Of The Winter (06:13)
4. Forest Of Unicorns (03:25)
5. Flames Of Revenge (05:35)
6. Virgin Skies (01:20)
7. Land Of Immortals (04:54)
8. Echoes Of Tragedy (03:33)
9. Lord Of The Thunder (05:34)
10. Legendary Tales (07:50)

Total Length: 45:34

Ira Tenax is a perfect little intro, the band usually nails these. It’s certainly cheesy enough and fits the album well, and I love it. Warrior Of Ice is kind of dated once you’ve heard some of the band’s other albums, as the keyboard sounds are not as polished, let alone anywhere near the real orchestra they have used on later albums. The intro on this song is also a bit long, but the song is catchy and a good overall intro to the band. Rage Of The Winter is an odd song. I enjoy it well enough, but the alternating sections still kind of baffle me.

Forest Of Unicorns kind of does the same thing, it’s a style they use quite a bit in these first few albums. The slower sections in this track are fairly good, but they wouldn’t really compel me to listen to them at all if it weren’t for the very fun, upbeat parts. Flames Of Revenge is a more straightforward but sort of forgettable for me. It at least has a better set of synth patches and the instrumental section is very nice. Virgin Skies is a nice little interlude, though kind of annoying since it pretty much gets repeated in the beginning of the last track.

Land Of Immortals is like track five, it’s a solid song with no real bad moments, just not one of my favorites. Echoes Of Tragedy using the alternating sections again, but I really do love this song. The choral vocals are fantastic, and this song definitely can get to me sometimes. A wonderful, sorrowful song. Lord Of The Thunder is another song I tend to forget about. There’s nothing necessarily bad about this album, but the band really hadn’t hit their stride at this point. Once again, the chorus and instrumental section stand out.

Legendary Tales, as I stated before, begins using pretty much the same music as track six. It does add some vocals to it in what would be the second half of that track. The majority of the song is fairly good, but I always hope I will like it more and I end up not. My favorite part by far is the ending, it’s such a nice synth sound and wouldn’t feel out of place at all on the Final Fantasy IX soundtrack. This album is, to reuse a word (as if I don’t do that enough), solid. It’s enjoyable, maybe a bit slow in points, but never terrible. It also doesn’t reach some of the highs the band can do, and so it lands pretty squarely in the middle of, well, everything I suppose.

Final Rating: 7.5/10

June 13, 2012

Album 0052: Rhapsody Of Fire – Triumph Or Agony

Release Date: 2006
Genre: Power Metal


1. Dar-Kunor

    I. Echoes From The Woods
    II. Fear Of The Dungeons (03:13)

2. Triumph Or Agony (05:03)
3. Heart Of The Darklands (04:11)
4. Old Age Of Wonders (04:35)
5. The Myth Of The Holy Sword (05:03)
6. Il Canto Del Vento (03:54)
7. Silent Dream (03:51)
8. Bloody Red Dungeons (05:12)
9. Son Of Pain (04:43)
10. The Mystic Prophecy Of The Demonknight
    I. A New Saga Begins
    II. Through The Portals Of Agony
    III. The Black Order
    IV. Nekron’s Bloody Rhymes
    V. Escape From Horror (16:26)

11. Dark Reign Of Fire
    I. Winter Dawn’s Theme (06:26)

12. Defenders Of Gaia (04:35)
13. A New Saga Begins (04:17)
14. Son Of Pain (Italian version) (04:42)
15. Son Of Pain (French version) (04:42)

Total Length: 01:20:53

Dar-Kunor isn’t as inviting as some of the band’s other intros in the first half, but it works well enough as a prelude to the album. Triumph Or Agony has a fantastic chorus, and is fun enough otherwise. Their first songs after the intros are usually great. Heart Of The Darklands is similarly fun, I enjoy it a lot. Old Age Of Wonders is cheesy of course, but its mix of old timey-ness and upbeat sections is neat.

The Myth Of The Holy Sword is fairly good, it feels a bit too subdued for me, but the bridge and solos are neat things. Il Canto Del Vento is a pretty great song, mostly based around vocals and pianos. It manages to be very emotional. Silent Dream is a very basic song, and so it doesn’t do much for me. Bloody Red Dungeons is fairly good, but it kind of loses track of itself and doesn’t do much for me. Son Of Pain is a great softer song, with the emotional heights it reaches being very good.

The Mystic Prophecy Of The Demonknight is the big song for the album, and it holds true to being that. The first section holds its own very well, and the second as well. The spoken word part halfway through gets annoying on repeat listens but does its job for the story of the album. The real fun part starts after that, with an awesome riff and the band’s first foray into harsher vocals. The rest of the song is great as well. Dark Reign Of Fire continues completely from the end of the last song, and it’s a bit over the top, and relates more to the story rather than being a song on its own.

Defenders Of Gaia is a bonus track, and it’s a fun classic song from the band. A New Saga Begins is just the first few minutes of the large track cut into its own piece, as a single. It stands fairly well on its own. Two extra versions of Son Of Pain cap off the album, sung in Italian and French respectively. They retain the emotional feel of the track. This album surprised me the first few times I listened to it. I had considered this band to be cheesy and simple, but their arrangements and melodies are fairly deep, and the cheesiness is at least well thought out.

Final Rating: 8.5/10