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April 14, 2013

Album 0264: Dropkick Murphys – The Warrior’s Code

Dropkick Murphys - The Warrior's Code

Release Date: 2005
Genre: Punk


1. Your Spirit’s Alive (02:21)
2. The Warrior’s Code (02:30)
3. Captain Kelly’s Kitchen (02:49)
4. Walking Dead (02:07)
5. Sunshine Highway (03:22)
6. Wicked Sensitive Crew (02:59)
7. The Burden (02:56)
8. Citizen C.I.A. (01:28)
9. The Green Fields Of France (04:46)
10. Take It And Run (02:44)
11. I’m Shipping Up To Boston (02:34)
12. The Auld Triangle (02:41)
13. The Last Letter Home (03:32)

Total Length: 36:48

Your Spirit’s Alive has a good intro, and I love the celtic feel mixed with the punk. The lyrics don’t do a ton for me but this is a neat song. Some of the guitar riffs in the back are good too. The Warrior’s Code is similar to the first track. I like the chorus, but the verse kind of bores me. Captain Kelly’s Kitchen is very upbeat and fun, I love the chorus. Walking Dead has a nice chorus as well, but the song isn’t very memorable to me.

Sunshine Highway is upbeat and I quite like it. The chorus kind of gets stuck in my head. Wicked Sensitive Crew has funny lyrics. The little bit in the middle doesn’t really add anything but it’s not bad. This is a happy song. The Burden is a pretty basic song that I can’t get a handle on. I always forget anything about it after it’s over. Citizen C.I.A. is short and fast but doesn’t do much for me. The Green Fields Of France is a cover. It’s a really nice, calm song. I like it a lot though it’s kind of lengthy.

Take It And Run is kind of a good track. It’s certainly not bad, but only the guitar sticks out to me at a few points. I’m Shipping Up To Boston is one of the band’s more famous songs, and it’s pretty great though it actually feels a bit short. The Auld Triangle is another cover, and I like the chorus. The Last Letter Home has some good moments. The last minute is kind of a fitting end for the album but annoying if taken on its own. I really can’t get into this too much. I wish I could because the description of the band sounds like something I would love. This isn’t bad at all, just doesn’t really speak to me.

Final Rating: 7/10